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What are Short Term Loans?

A short term loan is when a person borrows money over a shorter period of time. Sometimes it will be repaid immediately, which is typically called a payday loan. Other times it will be repaid in increments, which classifies it as an instalment loan. They usually bear higher interest if they are unsecured. Secured lending is usually called a logbook loan.

What to Know Before You Apply For One

Payday loans (also known as short term loan), are a form of credit which is cash advanced when you are low on money. It is typically repaid in single or multiple instalments, hence the name “short term loans”. They can be called instalment loans, bad credit or no credit check loans. They come with fixed fees and are regulated by the government. They involve a loan establishment fee and monthly loan fees – and are calculated on principal.

Most people, from time to time, find themselves low on money when a financial emergency arises. Often when this happens, they find themselves turning to friends or family to help cover their expenses until their next pay cheque arrives. While it is extremely helpful when convenient, many others have no one to fall back on to rely for assistance when a financial crisis occurs. When that happens, payday loans can be a perfect solution to an imperfect situation.

Our Services

The following listed services we offer are an example for demonstration purposes. The exact amount you qualify for may be different than that which is displayed. Following are services we offer and amounts you could qualify for.

Short Term Loans Amount Accepted
Short Term Lender UK £100
Short Term Lenders £200
Payday Loans No Guarantor £300
Short Term Cash Loans £400
With Easy Repayment £500

No Credit Check Lender

Often you hear the term “no credit check” when applied to the lending industry. You should be aware that every company that operates in the UK and lends money is legally required to check your credit. If you feel like your credit is so bad that you wouldn’t qualify, however, there is good news. Often, the higher risk associated with lending to someone with bad credit is actually built right into the loan itself. Every day, people with bad credit are able to qualify for a payday loan. You won’t know unless you try! We do not charge you money if you apply yet are not approved, so there is no risk involved.

Bad Credit Loans

Are you concerned that your bad credit history may prevent you from borrowing desperately needed funds? You can qualify for a higher cost, higher interest loan even if you have a poor credit history. The risk associated with lending to someone having poor credit is mitigated by charging higher fees. The risk is built into the price, including interest and fees.

UK Lenders for Unsecured Loans

We have a large array of lending products we have to offer, including traditional payday lending, instalment, guarantor and no guarantor lending, logbook as well as unsecured and other types of personal loans. Our office is in UK and we only service UK citizens. Whichever lender product you’re interested in, we are eager to help you meet your immediate financial crisis with funds.

Higher Interest Rates vs Traditional Lending

We like to think that we have rates that are more favorable than our competition, yet this type of borrowing is not to be taken lightly. Payday, instalment, guarantor loans for short durations to those with bad credit, who are not putting up collateral and have no guarantor or cosigner are by far the most expensive type of lending you can get. As such, it does not make financial sense to borrow at such exorbitant costs unless you are in an emergency financial crisis.

There are times when borrowing at elevated interest and fees can still be considered beneficial. For instance, to avoid bank draft loans which are typically higher than the interest on a payday loan. Perhaps your car has broken down, and without it you cannot go to work and earn the money to fix it. In situations like these, getting a short term loan to make ends meet while you are waiting for your next paycheck is the best choice.

Convenient Cash Loans

You can borrow from £100 to £5000 online, depending on your employment status and ability to repay. This is to be paid back within a short period of time when compared to conventional lending. A traditional bank may lend over a period of 10, 20 or 30 years. Our product, on the other hand, is for a repayment time within weeks, to months — up to 12 months. Because of elevated interest, due to the unsecured nature and poor credit involved, wouldn’t make sense to extend the pay back period to longer than absolutely necessary.

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