About Tree House Loans

TreeHouse Loans offers the most secure financial brokering services within the UK. We give you ways to take out short term loans that are fast and easy. Our goal is to become the premier UK short-term brokerage service. We work to give our clients the lowest possible APR and to ensure responsible lending practices.

We work within the confines of the legal market and the guidelines set out by the FCA and other governing bodies. Every aspect of our business complies with the regulations for lending processes. We make sure that every service we offer is completely legitimate and designed to serve you in the best way possible.

We work hard to make our website reliable for our customers. We also ensure that that there are as few hurdles as possible between you and the money you need. We want you to be able to get that money as quickly as possible, so we have streamlined the lending process and made certain that there are lenders out there who are willing to offer loans to you, regardless of your financial status. We believe that no matter where you are in life, there should be a lending option available to you, and we work to make that happen for each of our customers.

While ensuring each of our clients is satisfied is a priority, and we do care about getting loans to the people who need them, we also ensure we only deal with people who we are certain can pay back those loans. We do not want to be irresponsible lenders, and at Tree House Loans, we take the necessary precaution to safeguard the lenders we work with and the customers we service. We would not be performing our due diligence if we allowed just anyone to take out a loan for any amount. So there is a vetting process put in place for each loan, and we will make sure that each borrower appears capable of paying back the loans in a timely manner. That’s because we have compassion for our customers and we don’t want to see them get in over their heads.

Even if you have applied for a loan with us before, we will examine your current situation before we refer your application to any lender we work with. This means you will need to complete a form that details your current situation and your financial status. There are certain requirement that must be met before we can process with the brokerage and lending processes. First, you have to be eighteen (18) years of age in the UK to take out a loan. You also have to be a UK resident with a valid UK address and bank account. Most of our lenders will want to deposit the funds directly into your account, so having an active bank account is imperative. Finally, we also expect that any customer who applies for a loan through us has a source of income. This ensures that they will have an opportunity to repay the loan.

Please note that we are not a lending company. We do not offer loans; we only broker with lenders for you. There is no charge for using our site or the application we provide to broker a loan for you.

Representative APR: 1192% (variable). Representative Example: Loan amount £100 for 30days.
Total amount repayable £124.00. Interest 292% p.a. (variable). Representative 1192% APR
*We are not a lender, we provide a free credit brokering service. We will never charge you a fee for using our application.

Why Choose Treehouse

Modern borrowing at its finest. Our system will match you with a lender within minutes.

Low Representative APR

We work closely with the UK's largest lenders, to ensure the amount of interest charged to you is the lowest available.

Transparent Interesent Rates

Our lenders provide fixed interest rates during your loan period, no funny business here!

Close your loan early

Some of our lenders and brokers offer flexible loan conditions. Enquire about ending your contract early.

Our lenders can offer
loans up to £5000

Flexible amounts, experienced lenders, trusted relationships. Apply Today!

Our Commitment

Accurate Lender Matching

Simply submit your details into our secure application system, and we'll coordinate your finance with one of our lenders or brokers.

Short and Sweet Application Form

We've simplified the application form process, it takes only minutes to complete.

Awesome Rates

We leverage the competitive industry to provide you the best rates available!

The Rules

Meet the rules? Submit your details using our application form and we'll have you processed in moments.
*Subject to lenders/brokers requirements. Approval and may take up to 30 minutes and funds will be deposited the same working day in most cases for loans up to £1000. Higher amounts may require longer to approve and process


Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

> You Must be 18 Years Or Older

> You Must Be A Resident Of The UK

> You Must Have Proof Of Income

> You Must Have Valid Proof Of Address

> You Must Have A Valid UK Bank Account

Apply now to get matched with a qualified lender or broker today!


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